Wet Sawdust
Rotary Drum Dryer
Dry Sawdust
Charcoal Briquetting Press Machine
Briquetting Press
Briquetting Press
Fresh Charcoal
Fresh Charcoal
Carbonized Charcoal

Briquette Charcoal Plant (16 Sets)

Wet Sawdust

1. Double screw conveyor for wet sawdust length 6M
2. Stove
3. Circled-sieve diameter 1000mm x length 1500mm
4. Wood chip dry drum machine diameter 1250mm x length 15000mm
5. Blower for dry sawdust
6. Dry sawdust outfeed valve
7. Air collector with bracket and discharge pipe
8. Single screw for dry sawdust
9. 16 sets of briquette charcoal machine (with hopper, extraction screw and heating ceramic pipe
for each set)
10. Outfeed conveyor table with fresh charcoal cutting wheel

1. Factory Size: Length x Width 31M x 24M = 744m2
2. Up to 64,000 kgs/2 shift 16 hours for charcoal
3. Plant layout can be customized according to factory size.